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The Adversity Advantage

Feb 18, 2021

Creator of P90x Shares Why He Left Beachbody and His Journey of Reinvention!!!!


Today on the podcast I have the pioneer in the online program creation space and the man that helped put the company Beachbody on the map with his revolutionary workout program, P90X. Listen, I have been a trainer now for almost a decade and I have seen many online workout programs come and go and this one has managed to weather the storms. I think you are going to really enjoy hearing more about the journey of Tony Horton. Tony is on the show today and as I hinted he is the wildly popular creator of the best-selling  P90X®fitness series. He is also a best selling author and one of the most motivating people you will ever come across. 


He shares the ins and outs of how he went from training rockstars like Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen to getting started with Beachbody and creating arguably one of the most popular fitness programs of all time. He is going to walk you along that path as well as talk about why he split from Beachbody and was actually “scared to death” afterwards. We discuss how Tony reinvented himself afterwards and what he is up to now. We also talk about a recent massive health scare that Tony experienced and how it impacted his mental health and how he has bounced back since.


This episode is going to hit home with many and is going to help inspire and give you the tools needed to have success even when you have failed time and time again. You will also gain a lot of insight on how to truly create a meaningful transformation from one of the most popular fitness coaches of all time.


Topics discussed:


Tony’s workout routine


How did Tony’s workout program start and how they do it when there’s still no social media


The inspiration behind P90X


Tony Horton and Carl Daikeler and how they met


The most fulfilling part for Tony


In life after Beachbody, how did the sequels end up doing, and which are the most popular ones


Looking back, would Tony wish in some shape or fashion that he would have just stopped after P90x?


What was the main reason behind why they parted ways 2 years ago?


Did Tony feel like he was at a low point after he called it quits with Beachbody?


Does Tony ask himself questions like, “Who am I? Who am I anymore without Beachbody?”


Tony’s advice for the people that just can't seem to find success.


Tony’s story about the illness he experienced years ago


How did Tony’s health scare affect his mental health?


Tony’s advice for someone to create a meaningful transformation




There’s nothing more fulfilling than hearing the stories of the people that you meet, and knowing that you've had an impact on tens of millions of people's lives.


Sometimes, you just gotta look out for yourself and your family, and you gotta get up and go. If you don't like the way people are treating you anymore, then you’ve got to go and win. No hard feelings.


“It's been hard, and it's bumpier now than ever, but whatever.” - Tony Horton


Figure out your purpose. Your purpose should be “I have to do this because if I don't do this, I'm just surviving like every other bonehead in the world that doesn't know what to do, or refuses to do it.”


You just need to have some really cool badass people who inspire you in your life.


Take pencil to paper and write them down. And then figure out who, what, where, and when do you need to find solutions for these things that you know you need


Successful people are usually people who had it pretty rough for a large section of their life.


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