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The Adversity Advantage

Nov 4, 2021

My guest today is my friend Simon Hill. Simon is a top nutritionist, working with folks like Chris Hemsworth, and hosts the Plant Proof podcast which is one of the top health & fitness podcasts in Australia. Simon is a true expert on all things nutrition—he has a Master's in nutrition science and has other nutrition degrees from places like Cornell. His new book, “The Proof Is In The Plants”, made its global debut earlier this week and is already a bestseller and sold out nearly everywhere. The good news is that you can still get his book on Audible and the link to buy it is in the show notes. The book provides a deep dive into all things nutrition, highlighting the benefits of a whole-food, mostly plant-based diet. While Simon practices a vegan diet himself, he is not dogmatic about no meat, and even believes that meat, dairy, and eggs can all be part of a very healthy diet. (He thinks the diet wars between the various groups are counterproductive.)


Some of the things I discuss with Simon:

  • Why controversial foods like Soy and Dairy CAN be HEALTHY
  • Why all SCIENCE isn’t created EQUAL (and what the hierarchy of science is)
  • How eating processed foods leads to overconsumption of calories
  • Foods that increase/decrease your lifespan
  • What to look for when choosing health accounts to follow on social media
  • How to be plant-based AND eat animal products
  • Simple wins to move towards eating an optimal diet (and what the science says about this)
  • Cutting edge research on dairy, fermented foods, dark leafy greens and berries.
  • And much more...


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