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The Adversity Advantage

Feb 23, 2023

Today’s guest is Dr. Russell Kennedy, aka “The Anxiety MD.” Dr. Kennedy specializes in the art and neuroscience of helping people recover from anxiety disorders. He knows anxiety from the inside out, as he developed his own anxiety disorder as a result of growing up with a dad with severe schizophrenia. Dr. Kennedy has degrees and advanced training in medicine, neuroscience and developmental psychology —but it’s not all science, as he is also a certified yoga and meditation teacher and was a professional stand-up comedian for over a decade (no joke!) In his award-winning book and audiobook, ANXIETY RX, he shows a practical, actionable program for anxiety relief that incorporates a combination of the latest in neuroscience with the grounding wisdom of the body with the ultimate goal of relieving the anxious thoughts of the mind. 


Today we discuss how to understand and heal your relationship with anxiety, how to discover where your anxiety comes from, common mistakes people make when trying to reduce their anxiety, the difference between stress and anxiety, how to regulate your nervous system in the moment as well as ways to reduce your anxiety long term and much more.


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What to Listen For:


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:00 What to do if you are feeling anxious RIGHT NOW
  • 03:52 Why he thinks focusing on your anxious thoughts can be problematic
  • 10:42 What’s causing your anxiety?
  • 14:40 Tips for coping with anxiety 
  • 19:25 How to know if you struggle with anxiety
  • 24:50 The difference between stress and anxiety 
  • 28:15 How does childhood impact your ability to self regulate as an adult
  • 32:55 Healing your relationship with anxiety
  • 42:50 Why you should practice strategies for reducing anxiety
  • 45:40 The difference between anxiety and fear 
  • 50:50 What you can do during moments of panic

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