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The Adversity Advantage with Doug Bopst

Sep 28, 2020


COVID-19 challenged not only the physical strength of those who suffered from it, but also the mental health of many people suffering from depression due to lack of social connections and interactions.


Are you one of those who feel so lonely during this pandemic? Do you question yourself why you always feel like...

Sep 24, 2020

Have you ever been so insecure about your body, that it made you do something that you regret doing? Did you experience body-shaming and struggled with food anxiety? Then this episode is a MUST LISTEN! 


My guest today is Sarah Anne Stewart. She is a holistic health practitioner who helps women to discover a fun and...

Sep 21, 2020

You have probably heard about the web documentary show, Down To Earth with Zac Efron and Darin Olien on Netflix.


In this episode, not only you will learn the backstory of the show, but you will also gain a lot of good knowledge from Darin Olien and how he turned all of the unfortunate events he experienced into...

Sep 14, 2020

Your pain can either become your PRISON or your PURPOSE!!!


Are you one of those people who believe that all the pain you have experienced and been experiencing are just plain punishments? Then you must tune in to this episode to change that belief into its exact opposite.


My guest today is one of the most...

Sep 10, 2020



Are you afraid to step up and take a leap of faith? Do you feel scared every time you think of all the things you wanted to have and achieve as an entrepreneur? Then this episode is for you!


My guest today is Lindsey Schwartz, an Arizona-based, Wisconsin-born entrepreneur...