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The Adversity Advantage

Sep 10, 2020



Are you afraid to step up and take a leap of faith? Do you feel scared every time you think of all the things you wanted to have and achieve as an entrepreneur? Then this episode is for you!


My guest today is Lindsey Schwartz, an Arizona-based, Wisconsin-born entrepreneur and big dreamer. At age 26, Lindsey started her first business part-time and over the next several years became an accomplished fitness athlete, full-time entrepreneur, speaker, and best-selling author of Powerhouse Woman: How to get out of your own way, fulfill your unique purpose, and live a powerful life.


Lindsey’s journey and how she became who she is today.


Lindsey is a big believer that it's not by accident, and obviously it's taken a lot of hard work. But every time that she thought she was at a stopping point or something that she wanted to happen, and the expectation that she had wasn't turning out the way she wanted, every single time, she just surrendered and trusted that maybe there was a different plan that she just couldn't see. And that led her to what she’s doing now, which she absolutely loves.


She grew up in the Midwest, took a job, and she was recruited by a few companies and ended up selling carpet. She literally sold commercial flooring. That's why she moved out to Arizona.


She was 23 or 24 when she finished school and all that she heard from that company was, “We will move you somewhere that doesn't snow, and we'll give you a car and a cell phone. And when you're that age, and you grew up in the Midwest with the idea of job security, you get a good job, you work hard, and then you retire. That's the dream life.”


Because of that, she was like, “Oh, don't worry about me, Mom, I have made it like, Here I go, I'm gonna start my life in Arizona.” And it just so happens that by the time she got trained and fully into her position, she was in commercial construction.


So there she was in an industry that was extremely hard hit and the slowest to recover. And it was the first time in her life where she considered maybe this idea that was true for her parents and grandparents' generation, wasn't really true for her because she didn't feel a whole lot of job security every single day.


She watched people her age get laid off. And it was the first time she ever considered that maybe she needed a plan B. And so that was what ultimately brought her to network marketing and found out that she loved helping people be healthy more than she loved selling commercial flooring to a hospital.


There was a big difference in both careers she had. There was one time when a customer cussed her because of the flooring order, even if it’s not her fault. And then in her inbox was an email from the woman who had been their wedding photographer, pouring out her gratitude that Lindsey had changed the woman’s life by helping her get her nutrition under control. She then realized that she needs to get out of the job she used to have.

She eventually went full time into entrepreneurship. But what happened while she was working in this network marketing career was really what set up what ultimately became “Powerhouse Women.”


What does entrepreneurship actually feel like?


Everytime Lindsey talks to people, they would always say how Lindsey inspires them. They would end up sharing that they have always thought of starting their own businesses, or maybe even a specific idea that they felt really strongly about, and every time Lindsey would hear it, she would think that those things that people are talking about really need to exist. 


But in the very next breath, without any like pause in between, they would share why they weren't ready, or they didn't know enough, or they didn't feel like they were good enough. 


They were afraid and that is exactly what entrepreneurship feels like.


Those feelings that people are using to prove to themselves why they shouldn't go after that, are actually the reasons why they should. It's pointing them in the right direction.

What would Lindsey tell somebody who is feeling scared and insecure to be part of a community like the Powerhouse Women?


Lindsey can feel that too she gets intimidated walking into a room of beautiful women, she gets intimidated while walking into a mastermind where everyone's business is twice the revenue of hers, but that's also where she grows. 


But if someone is going after a big idea, building a business, pursuing a passion project, and they don't feel right now like they have that support, it's up to them to go find it.


And the way they find it is by walking into rooms where they feel totally out of their league and a little intimidated until they find the room that yet might still feel a little bit scary, but eventually, they will think that they could fit in there.


There's so many options now, both virtually and in person events and networking groups that Lindsey loves to see because there's more than enough to go around for everyone to find a place where they really fit in.


Lindsey’s advice for anyone who is looking to take the first next step in changing their surroundings and changing the people that they come in contact with:


  • Seek out what groups were available in your area
  • Be willing to walk into a room and be unattached to whether or not that's going to be the best use of your time.
  • Think through where people who are up to big things tend to hang out.
  • It's always the people you surround yourself with.
  • Self-awareness is key.
  • You should know yourself well enough that if you're really going to make a leap into a new place for yourself, you literally have to shift your identity.


Tune in to this episode to be more inspired to start and come up with the best move and decision you’ll ever make!


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