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The Adversity Advantage

Sep 21, 2020

You have probably heard about the web documentary show, Down To Earth with Zac Efron and Darin Olien on Netflix.


In this episode, not only you will learn the backstory of the show, but you will also gain a lot of good knowledge from Darin Olien and how he turned all of the unfortunate events he experienced into something great. 


He is one of Down To Earth’s executive producers, the original formulator of Shakeology and co-creator of the comprehensive plant-based Ultimate Reset 21-day detoxification program, is often called “the Indiana Jones of superfoods.” 


Why did Darin choose to dive deep into health?


Darin was starting fullback in his sophomore year and he beat out guys 50 pounds heavier than him. In the first first game, he crunched my lower back, you're a bunch of ligaments.


That was an abrupt stop to his dream.


The physical therapists that I was going to and the x rays and everything that he was jumping through to try to get back on the field wasn't working.


There was a lot of complexity, as it turns out he couldn't get back on the field.


He then quit that school, and went to the University of St. Thomas and St. Paul, Minnesota. And I started studying physiology, kinesiology, and nutrition, and whatnot.


That's when all of these things kind of started making sense for him because number one, he wanted to figure this out for himself, because there's no way that this is going to stop him.


So being able to understand a bit of physiology and movement and patterns, started to reverse engineer his injury.


What got Darin into the superfood industry?

Darin saw flaws. He saw beautiful marketing, and then crappy ingredients. He was like, “Is anyone seeing this?”


He was always starting to play with formulation.


The full circle kind of moment was when his father passed away, and he received 20 grand which is a lot of money 16 years ago. And for him, that money has something a little different because it came directly from his father -- his legacy.


That’s when he started. He set up his LLC, traveled more, created formulas, and started the process of manufacturing his own formulas. He did all of that using the money he got from his father. 


In the 11th hour of burning through all his cash and realizing how much money it costs them to create a startup, that's when Beachbody approached Darin.


Beachbody told Darin to keep doing his thing. So he’s going to formulate which he was doing anyway, and Beachbody will be paying him.

What are the five forces in Darin’s best-selling book, SuperLife?


These are: 

  • Nutrition
  • Hydration
  • Oxygenation
  • Alkalization
  • Detoxification


Tune in to this episode so you will learn what those five forces mean and what the importance of each is.


What was the inspiration for Down to Earth?


As he traveled, he got to see the cultures and the environmental impacts and certain things like water, food, and shelter around the world that many people have never seen and experienced. The environment became a massive pillar in his own life. Water became big for him as he was a big advocate and on the board of rain and bringing water to those cultures and showing how to create clean water. He met people along the way that were doing some incredible things from green technologies, to permaculture, and land design that was efficient, but also had yields without striking the ground and the earth and the soil.


So as Darin started sketching out an idea for a show. That was Yes, a little bit of superfood hunting, but yes, a little food systems pollution, solution-based diversity of a lot of good people doing a lot of good things around the world. He wanted to show the goodness that people have and also that people can do something about some of those things.


For Darin, it was not just doing a TV show, for a TV show sake. He needs to do it to move in a way that conveys a message. His mission is to help people stay healthy and help the planet stay healthy, and just make this place better. According to him, we did a lot of things with great intent. But we got a lot of things wrong as a society. So we need to correct those things.


And he really believes that by collaborating with the right people, getting the message out, we can correct those things. And we all can shift from monocropping and stripping our soils to regenerative agriculture that can increase our yields, regenerate our souls, sequester carbon, receive more rainwater, and help their regenerate, reforest, and reinvigorate the ecology. So that we all benefit from it not only our communities, but also as a global society.


Know the interesting story about how Zac Efron and Darin met, and how the show started by tuning in to this episode. 


And get ready to learn so much, absorb a lot of information, and be inspired by how Darin turned the unfortunate things to great ones!

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