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The Adversity Advantage

Sep 13, 2021

Today’s guest is Mike Johnson. You may recognize Mike from his appearance on Season 15 of The Bachelorette or perhaps from Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise. You have also listened to his new hit podcast “Talking it Out.” I must say what most intrigued me about Mike wasn’t his reality television career, it was his backstory and how well he articulates the exact steps he used to get him out of one of the darkest moments in his life which we can all relate to.


Mike quickly faced some unforeseen adversity as a kid as he was sexually abused and what came to follow was years and years of turmoil as he found himself becoming a bit of a rebel as he burglarized homes as a teenager and had unhealthy relationships with women. Mike then joined the Airforce and worked as an IT specialist for years before becoming a financial advisor 


This is where things took a bad turn for him. Although financially, he was crushing it,  a relationship that ended with a woman that he was madly in love with broke his heart and led him down a path of self-sabotage, misery and depression. Mike’s path out of this rut was largely due to his obsession with personal development and self-discovery. He began working on his identity, his mindset, reading books, being of service to others, and exercising. 


Today, Mike shares it all. He will walk you through step by step as to how exactly he transformed himself from someone that was completely heartbroken and hopeless to starring on one of the biggest reality shows that have ever existed. We also chat about a universal formula that can work for anyone who is struggling to get out of a rut and get motivated again. Mike highlights the process of being on the Bachelorette and our convo also gets into financial planning and Mike gives some of his top tips to become financially fit. We also discuss why adopting a lifestyle around something is much more important than having discipline and more! 


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