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The Adversity Advantage with Doug Bopst

Aug 15, 2022

Today's guest is my good friend, Jenna Willis, and Jenna and I met several years ago working out together at Gabby Reece's house. She's also a colleague and a trainer! Jenna's complete mind-body approach to wellness as well as her results have gained her a reputation as one of the hottest rising celebrity trainers.


Her impressive client roster includes YouTube sensation Liza Koshy, reality Queen Lala Kent, and pop music icon, Camila Cabello to name a few. In an industry obsessed with perfection, Jenna embraces the awkward, allowing those she trains to focus on enjoying working out rather than stressing about it as a former division one volleyball Jenna uses her background in fitness and uplifting teamwork mentality to help both herself and her clients cope with anxiety and gain peace of mind. I think you guys are gonna enjoy this conversation a lot. It's a little different as we engage in a friendly dialogue and talk about the SUPER awkward moment in how we met. 


We not only talk about how we met, we unpack Jenna's story and chat about her acting career, her battles with panic attacks and anxiety and how different breakups have made her stronger. She shares why fitness has been a major coping strategy and how that led to her decision to ditch acting and go "all in" on being a trainer. Jenna also reveals the wild story of how she landed a role on Vanderpump Rules and so much more! 



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What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:30 We met working out with Gabby Reece!
  • 04:25 Unpacking a humbling experience (and how I STRUGGLED)
  • 09:52 Has Jenna always embraced challenges?
  • 11:28 Where would she be without fitness?
  • 14:15 Using fitness to cope with anxiety and panic
  • 17:53 Jenna opens up about a traumatic breakup
  • 22:26 Fitness helps - but it can’t be the only coping strategy
  • 24:06 Moving on after multiple bad breakups
  • 27:56 When did she start acting (and why)
  • 31:51 Overlooked challenges in entertainment industry
  • 33:10 Jenna was on Vanderpump! (crazy story)
  • 37:58 Does she compare herself to Lala and Katie (her close friends)
  • 41:56 Ditching acting for fitness (and how she maintained friendships)
  • 44:21 How she thrives in an industry that is competitive (training celebs)
  • 49:25 Finding real friends in LA
  • 54:44 Her current relationship with fear & anxiety
  • 57:29 Healing from a recent relationship 
  • 1:08:47 How to stay on track with your health when busy!


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