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The Adversity Advantage

Apr 26, 2021

Mike Majlak is a popular Youtuber, Internet Celebrity and Co Host of one of the world's most popular shows, Impaulsive with Logan Paul.


But, much of this seemed nearly impossible a little over a decade ago.


On today's podcast, Mike takes us through his riveting addiction and post addiction story which he also reflects on in his highly popular debut book, 'The Fifth Vital'. Mike grew up as a “normal kid” who just like many found himself spiraling down the destructive path of addiction.


It began with him experimenting with marijuana as a teenager and it quickly escalated into snorting painkillers, cocaine, xanax, heroin and smoking crack. Mike inevitably was also forced to sell these drugs in order to support his habit and his identity. This self-destructive journey continued for about a decade and also came with other negative side effects. Mike was arrested multiple times, robbed, drove his car off a cliff and watched his drug dealer get pistol-whipped right before his eyes. One of Mike’s lowest of lows came when he failed to take care of his sick grandfather while extremely high on crack.


On June 18th, 2010 everything finally caught up with Mike when he was finally called on his BS by his probation officer and she decided to give him an opportunity to change his life. This is what would ultimately lead him to go to detox, treatment and turn his life around. Mike’s redemption story was fueled by fitness, goal setting, purpose, perseverance, and deep introspection. On a mission to make something out of his life and “hustle” in a meaningful way Mike rebuilt his resume, self-esteem and health. This gave him the confidence needed to apply and land a job at furniture retailer Lovesac to help them build their brand and social media. It was at Lovesac where he met Logan Paul and the rest is history.


Our discussion today dives deep into what it was like being the Mike of the past versus the Mike of the present. We chat about his darkest moments, his rock bottoms and the scariest time of his life where he thought it was all over. More importantly, we talk about the exact tactics that Mike used to make the ultimate comeback, the healthy coping mechanisms he uses today and the advice he has for those that are still suffering. We also talk about his partnership with Logan Paul and what the future holds. This conversation is a reflection on the power of faith, fitness, fortitude and fulfillment and a story that I am excited to share.


Some topics discussed: 


Mike's journey to addiction


The parental divorce and his rough teenage years


The switch from marijuana to opiates


The trajectory that leads him to use heroin and crack


Mike's darkest moments/rock bottoms


Mike's scariest moment of his life 


Mike's turning point with the new Probation officer


Why did Mike decide to stop using drugs?


How Mike made his comeback (step by step)


Positive coping tactics for an addict looking for recovery


How he survived early recovery?


The role that self reflection played in his life


How did Mike rebuild his resume, self-esteem and life?


The importance of fitness


Getting a job at Lovesac and meeting Logan Paul


Logan and Mike's partnership and their future


Advice for loved ones who have an addict that is struggling


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