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The Adversity Advantage with Doug Bopst

Nov 18, 2022

I know I don’t normally release episodes three times a week. But, today is a special occasion because actor Frank Grillo of the newly released movie “Lamborghini: The Main Behind The Legend” joins me on the podcast. You may recognize Frank from “Warrior,” “The Grey” or from some of the Marvel  movies or shows like “Billions” or “Kingdom.” In this episode we are going to get real and you are going to hear a side of Frank that you may not be as familiar with. Frank lost two people very close to him in the last year to suicide and it impacted him deeply. He is on a mission to prioritize his mental health, help his family, and help others do the same which is a big focus of today’s discussion. Frank also gets candid about parenting, divorce, healing trauma, his career and more.


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 What to Listen For:


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:28 What motivates Frank to continue to push himself physically?
  • 3:05 Learning to embrace the journey
  • 5:04 Frank’s role got cut from a major movie
  • 8:07 Is he still waiting for his “big break”?
  • 9:59 Dealing with multiple tragedies 
  • 16:03 How Frank manages his mental health 
  • 18:11 Empowering his kids & helping them with their mental health 
  • 25:51 Why you need to cut people out of your life
  • 28:18 Becoming famous later in life
  • 29:46 How Frank’s childhood impacted him
  • 32:23 Reflecting on his divorce
  • 34:34 Healing toxic patterns (& learning healthy ones)
  • 36:35 Why money won’t solve all of your problems
  • 39:36 How does Frank calm himself down?
  • 42:42 Does he struggle with comparison?
  • 43:45 How Frank’s latest role challenged him (& changed him)
  • 48:27 Dealing with criticism
  • 51:06 What’s his new movie about?

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