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The Adversity Advantage with Doug Bopst

Jan 28, 2021

Former Navy SEAL Commander Rich Diviney on How to Face Your Fears, Build Resilience and Achieve Optimal Performance!!!


In this episode, a retired Navy SEAL commander is going to help you understand that getting through and managing fear, anxiety and stress in a healthy way is 100% possible and a must when it comes to living your best life. Overcoming challenges and doing hard things in your life will help you grow stronger mentally, physically and emotionally. It is also one of the best ways to develop true self-confidence.


This is a must listen for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of how face your fears practically and effectively, build resiliency and recover from setbacks quickly and efficiently. This is also for anyone who is looking to develop the attributes needed for optimal performance.


In a world that is full of uncertainty, this episode will show you why you need to accept the unknown that life brings and control what you can. After doing so, you can effectively get through life’s difficulties by using attributes such as perseverance, resiliency, and courage. The cool thing is the more you exercise these so called attributes, the easier it is to use them. In doing this, it will lead you down a path filled with strength, fortitude, hope and ultimately achieving optimal performance. Much of this is discussed in my guest, Rich Diviney’s new book, The Attributes: 25 Hidden Drivers of Optimal Performance.


Rich was intimately involved in the world-renowned SEAL selection process, which whittles exceptional candidates down to a small group of the most elite optimal performers. But Diviney was often surprised by which recruits washed out and which succeeded. Someone could have all the right skills and still fail, while recruits he might have initially dismissed would prove to be top performers. The answer was in better understanding ATTRIBUTES. In his new book, The Attributes, Diviney shows how to discover and develop our innate attributes for performing optimally and having long-term success.


He is a retired Navy SEAL commander. In a career spanning more than twenty years, he completed more than thirteen overseas deployments—eleven of which were to Iraq and Afghanistan. As the officer in charge of training for a specialized command, Diviney spearheaded the creation of a directorate that fused physical, mental, and emotional disciplines. He led his small team to create the first-ever “Mind Gym” that helped special operators train their brains to perform faster, longer, and better in all environments—especially high-stress ones.


Since his retirement in early 2017, Diviney has worked as a speaker, facilitator, and consultant with the Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute and Simon Sinek Inc. He’s taught leadership and optimal performance to more than five thousand business, athletic, and military leaders from organizations such as American Airlines, Meijer Inc., the San Francisco 49ers, Pegasystems, Zoom, and Deloitte.


We talk about Rich’s tips for managing anxiety and how to become more resilient. We discuss courage and why it’s so important for getting through hard times. Rich also provides advice on how to recharge in a way so that you can recover quickly and efficiently and so much more!


Some of the topics discussed include:


Rich's backstory


What the whole notion of courage means and how it can really help people get through hard times.


Rich’s tips on how to manage anxiety


The 3-foot world


Rich talking about "The Attributes"


The difference between perseverance and resilience


Tenacity and persistence


How to build a resiliency muscle


The importance of setting achieving goals and what it does to a person’s mind


The difference between peak and optimal performance


Why having optimal performance is a must for success


Managing uncertainty, anxiety, and fear


The difference between self-discipline, and discipline


Rich’s advice for people to recharge in a way that they're able to recover quickly and efficiently


The sympathetic and parasympathetic systems


The active visualization


The two of the attributes that Rich is still continuing to work on himself right now



Fear is really the combination of uncertainty and anxiety.


Focus on what you can control.


Skills are not inherent to our nature. We learn them.


Perseverance is more about the act of moving through a stress challenge, and resilience is more about the act of rebounding afterward.


Moving through stress challenges and uncertainty makes you stronger.


As human beings, our brains are question-answering machines.


The quality of our lives is directly proportional to the quality of questions we consistently ask ourselves.


In life, you can't necessarily plan peaks.


The sympathetic system is what fires off when you are in action.

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