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The Adversity Advantage with Doug Bopst

Dec 27, 2021

For this last week of 2021 (12/27-12/31) we have something special for you. Each day we will re-release one of the top 5 most popular episodes of the past year. We will resume our regular schedule with a new episode on 1/3/2021. Have a Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!

Best of 2021 #5: Dr. Shefali On Healing Toxic Patterns, Setting Healthy Boundaries, Conscious Parenting and Embracing Divorce (Originally released 6/07/21)


Today’s conversation is going to challenge you. It’s going to push you and hopefully open your eyes to different perspectives on subjects like divorce, healing, boundaries, parenting and relationships. My guest is not only a New York Times best selling author, she is also a clinical psychologist whose work focusing on parenting, family dynamics and mindful living is flat-out revolutionary. I am so excited to interview Dr. Shefali. You may be familiar with her paradigm-shifting books including “The Conscious Parent”. Her newest book “A Radical Awakening” will be the focus of our chat today. Dr. Shefali’s unique ability to blend clinical psychology with eastern mindfulness is quite inspiring and changing lives. Our conversation today touches on becoming aware of toxic patterns and taking the steps to heal from them. Dr. Shefali and I discuss the tricky subject of divorce. This includes her sharing her own recent experience with it and how she embraced her divorce and it led to massive personal growth. Dr. Shefali shares her thoughts on marriage and what she believes makes it work. We talk about the trendy topic of “boundaries” and how to set and uphold healthy ones specifically with family. We also cover conscious parenting, what Dr. Shefali does to be her best self and how to know if you are actually “healing.” and so much more!


Topics discussed:


  • We why live a "pattern" and not a "life"
  • How to recognize and heal toxic patterns
  • The tricky topic of divorce Dr. Shefali's recent experience with it
  • How she embraced her divorce and it led to massive personal growth
  • What makes a marriage work?
  • How to set/uphold healthy boundaries (especially with family)
  • How to tell if you are healing?
  • Conscious parenting 
  • What Dr. Shefali does to be her best self


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