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The Adversity Advantage

Dec 30, 2021

For this last week of 2021 (12/27-12/31) we have something special for you. Each day we will re-release one of the top 5 most popular episodes of the past year. We will resume our regular schedule with a new episode on 1/3/2021. Have a Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!


Best of 2021 #2: Arielle Lorre - A Deep Dive On Addiction, Recovery, Wellness & Managing Anxiety (Originally released 4/1/21)


Today’s guest on the show is Arielle Lorre. You might recognize her from her hit podcast, The Blonde Files Podcast, or from her popular Instagram page, where she shares mouth-watering recipes, as well as incredible health and wellness tips.

What really inspires me about Arielle is her recovery journey. After nearly losing her battle with addiction, Arielle decided to turn her life around by relentlessly pursuing health and happiness and by sharing what she learned along the way. Arielle just recently celebrated 7 years of sobriety.

I am sure you are anxious to learn more about Arielle’s rise to success, but you will have to listen to the episode to hear the full story. But what I will say now, is that her addictions led her to being arrested for a DUI, she had multiple grand mal seizures, and she ended up blacking out periodically for several months before finally getting sober.

Arielle opens up in detail about what led her down that destructive path, and more importantly, she shares her comeback story. We will also discuss how meditation, fitness, and community have helped her with her sobriety, and how she currently manages her anxiety in a way that is healthy and supports her recovery.


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