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The Adversity Advantage

Apr 18, 2022

Today, we welcome the other half of the East family, former NFL athlete, Andrew East. I know many of you enjoyed the episode with his wife, Shawn Johnson and I think you will love this episode too. Andrew gained visibility through the YouTube channel that he and Shawn created together which now has over 215 million views. His Top 90 podcast that focuses on those like him have had interesting career pivots. The experience he has gained through his time in the digital space has led to coaching and consulting on behalf of Google for Fortune 500 Companies for how to create engaging content.

We talk about why it’s okay not to excel in something you want to do, how important it is to adapt to changes and career shifts, finding new passion and thriving in it, the importance of being a support pillar to your partner in difficult moments, and so much more! 

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What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:42 Meeting Shawn for the first time
  • 03:15 Achieving my goals with a different timeline
  • 07:48 Having the right perspective
  • 11:13 Realizing that it wasn’t just about you
  • 14:57 Non-negotiable traits of being a supportive partner
  • 19:17 Understanding that you have a purpose
  • 23:32 Staying connected to the inner circle of your life
  • 30:39 Was there any level of comparison?
  • 35:02 The things we can and can’t control
  • 38:58 An indicator that you’re closer to your purpose
  • 42:42 Managing the family business
  • 46:34 Figuring out what to prioritize
  • 50:08 It’s hard to shift to a new focus right away
  • 54:33 Write down your core values

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