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The Adversity Advantage

Oct 14, 2021

TikTok star Tayler Harber on How Going to Prison For Armed Robbery Saved Her Life!!!


Just 4 years ago 19 year old Tayler Harber thought her life was over when she went to prison for armed robbery.  But, today she has gained over a million followers on Tiktok where she uses her platform to turn her pain into purpose. Tayler was a 3 sport athlete and a model student in grade school. But, after a fight in high school became quite public, Tayler was banned from playing sports her senior year and it devastated her.  She went on to barely graduate and her life started to fall apart.  Tayler ended up getting caught up in the wrong crowd and began using hard drugs to numb the pain.  Things went downhill fast and one year after graduating high school, Tayler would be arrested on armed robbery charges. This came after a botched attempt to rob a drug dealer with a few friends of hers at the time. She was taken to jail, charged and a $250,000 bond was set for her release. Despite a heartwarming plea to the judge for some mercy for being a first-time offender, she was sentenced to prison. Shortly after her incarceration, she entered a prison boot camp program that would end up saving her life. Today she is here to walk you through exactly how she went from that prison cell to using her 1M+ social media platform to share her story, break the stigma and inspire others. 


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