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The Adversity Advantage

Oct 18, 2021

Dr. Karen Shaw Becker is the most followed veterinarian on social media. Her deliberate and common-sense approach to creating vibrant health for companion animals has been embraced by millions of pet lovers around the world. Dr. Becker also writes and lectures extensively and serves as a wellness consultant for a variety of health-oriented organizations. Rodney Habib is one of the most influential pet health thought leaders in the world. He’s a filmmaker, multiple award-winning content creator and founder of Planet Paws - the world’s largest pet health page on Facebook. His first TEDx talk on pet health stands as the highest viewed TED talk in history pertaining to dogs. Together they have penned a new book called “The Forever Dog” which is a masterclass start to finish on how to maximize the health, longevity, and quality of life of your dog. In this episode, we cover it all and you will be prepared after listening to take the steps needed to help your dog live longer. 

Topics covered:

The 4 factors you must pay attention to in order for your dog to live longer

Simple adjustments you can make right now to improve the health of your dog

The most overlooked area of a dog’s health that will impact its lifespan

What toys are most dangerous and which ones are recommended?

Why your dog’s diet is so important and how to feed it for optimal health

How much daily exercise is actually enough? 

and more...


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