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The Adversity Advantage with Doug Bopst

Nov 22, 2021

Molly Bloom faced 90 years in prison and this is her story! 

Today she comes on the pod to share her journey of what it was like running the world’s largest underground poker game and why that led to being arrested by 17 FBI agents and facing decades in prison. She reveals how she beat the odds, escaped the jail time and got sober.  Molly also talks about preparing for motherhood, what’s next for her and more!

Molly Bloom is a keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and bestselling author of Molly’s Game which was adapted into an award-winning film by Aaron Sorkin. Her book chronicles her journey from college student to LA waitress to building and operating the largest and most notorious private poker game in the world, where she made as much as $4 million per year. Her games featured hundreds of millions of dollars and included players like Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck A-Rod and Tobey Maguire. She has appeared on media outlets such as Ellen, Vice, The Los Angeles Times, NPR and many others.

What I Discuss with Molly:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:04 How Molly started running one of the biggest poker games ever
  • 06:10 Why the game became like a “drug” for her (and how)
  • 12:24 When (and why) things took a turn for the worst
  • 17:13 Molly’s assets are seized (-$9M in bank account) & 17 FBI agents arrest her
  • 20:38 How she remained optimistic before her trial (she was facing 90 years in prison)
  • 22:06 Did Molly end up going to prison?
  • 25:16 Molly explains her addiction journey
  • 28:44 What inspired her to get sober?
  • 34:40 How Molly is preparing for motherhood
  • 38:33 Life after Molly’s Game: What’s next for her? 
  • 41:50 How she cultivates power from within to transform her life 
  • 46:16 Simple tips for you to build something meaningful
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