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The Adversity Advantage

Apr 17, 2020

Hope you’re all doing alright despite the current global pandemic we’re all going through. Joining me on the show is Miss Jordan, a Divine Channel and free-spirited spiritual facilitator. Her purpose is to help humanity awaken to an elevated way of being. She’s also a soul transformation and mindset breakthrough coach who takes pride in helping people activate their online dormant DNA.

I met Miss Jordan while at a mastermind retreat, where she put us through an awakening exercise that made me think more about spirituality than I usually do.

In the show, we get into how there’s a lot of propaganda and spiritual bypassing surrounding the theme of Spiritual awakening. From the online gurus to spiritual teachers, there’s a lot of individuals out there who boast of the fact that they vibrate at a higher frequency than everyone else. Miss Jordan gives us her own opinion of what it really means to be spiritually woke, and the individual power that comes with it.

Sleeper Living

In the world we live in, it’s very common for a lot of people to react to the social conditions and settings they’re in. Such people tend to be less self-aware, barely take the chance to pause and reflect on the current situation before they respond to it. Such individuals are the sleeper living.

To be more self-aware, means that we should all take a step back and weigh our options on how we can best handle a situation before we merely let our thought, emotions and opinions on the situation.

Reflecting on the emotions of love and fear in regards to the situation at hand can greatly help us control our reaction towards different situations.

The role of all our experiences  

Accepting all our experiences, whether past or present, good or bad, is vital into our self-awareness and ultimately spiritual growth.

A lot of individuals through advice from third parties try to rewrite or dismiss traumatic childhood experiences that have left them scared for life. Freedom however, is in the total opposite of this.

We should learn to embrace and understand our past. How our past and current negatives experiences such as depression, addiction and trauma affect us is dependent on how we choose to reflect, view, perceive and respond to it. It is only by doing so that we can choose our desired outcome from the experience.

Miss Jordan’s Journey

Miss Jordan had a tough start in life. Her identity was based on her opinion of how she should act and behave in order for people to like and accept her.

She was stuck in this self-prison for the most part of her life growing up. This, however, all changed when she decided to dive into self-development as a way to be her true self.

Miss Jordan realised that she was slowly redefining her life and reality by surrounding herself more with people, places and ideas that created the thoughts and emotions that she cherished. As she took a deeper dive into herself and her experiences, Miss Jordan found herself drawn towards helping other people with difficulties such as the ones she experienced earlier on in her life.

And so, it was really never a choice that she made on being a spiritual teacher or helper. All Miss Jordan did was be her best self through self-reflection and understanding. It was this practice that led her to the path that she’s currently on.

Stay tuned in the show as I also share my past personal experience into how I escaped the rabbit hole of a hard past life characterised by drugs and negative emotions. My decision to make a stand and change into a more reflective person and how it all saved me from a fate that was most certainly an early grave.


(1:00) How I met Miss Jordan

(3:15) What it means to be spiritually woke

(6:22) How being self-aware relates to spiritual growth

(10:43) My growth journey into being more self-aware over the past decade

(12:15) the role of our past experiences in shaping our awareness and reality

(20:33) Reflecting on my big awakening and turning point in life

(24:56) How Mis Jordan embarked on her spiritual awakening journey

(33:25) Miss Jordan’s role as a Medium

(36:05) Miss Jordan’s Sun analogy of viewing the world through different lens

(41:28) How you too, can make the shift into spiritual awareness

(50:30) Miss Jordan’s gift to you


  • If you enter into the world of self – discovery and spirituality from a centre grounded space of pure intention of understanding your belief system and the energy you emit to the world, you can’t help but start to live in a little bit of a different reality and carry a higher energy frequency.
  • You can call it enlightened, woke, or whatever word you want to place on it. But basically, I think it all comes down to creating an awareness of self and the world your experiencing. This alongside, staying committed to a desire to discover and understand more.
  • It’s the small commitment to being relentless in understanding the truth of who you are on a soul level and designing how you choose to experience your life.
  • You can only align with the frequency that you project.
  • The key is creating an awareness around the fact that it’s about self-alchemy and self-love vs seeking a solution outside yourself. Books, resources and other tools are great, but they’re only aids to our own self-discovery and creation.
  • I’ve had all kinds of titles, A seer, medium, witch. I don’t preach a spiritual belief system of one understanding. I believe there’s a higher power, and whatever you want to call it – you higher self, God divinity, the universe – I believe it’s all the same essence. Its just we us individuals view this essence through different lens.
  • Everything is energy, once you realise this, then you can choose the frequency in which you want your energy to align with other energies.

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