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The Adversity Advantage with Doug Bopst

Nov 19, 2020

We can’t deny the fact that there are a lot of people who are so afraid to be judged by others because of their failures. Many are also afraid to open up and share their own stories and take a chance on themselves because of their lack of credentials or because they are fearful of looking like a fool.


But, what if I told you the very thing you MUST do to be successful is to put yourself out there, fail and not be afraid to look like an idiot. 


There are also a fair amount people that read book after book only to find themselves in the same place in their lives. Or they may keep jumping from podcast to podcast and unable to move the needle either personally or professionally. Many are having such a hard time really applying what they have learned from past personal development material because they don’t take the time to really process it, implement It and stay consistent. 

If you happen to experience any of those, then this is the right episode for you!

Those are some of the many topics that my guest and I are going to talk about.


My guest today knows all about being successful, discovering talent, podcasting, being a parent, overcoming adversity and creating a massive a side hustle. A side hustle that is now one of the top podcasts in the world that he co hosts with his wife Lauryn that now has over 80 million downloads just to give you a hint as to who this might be. Another hint is that That podcast is called the Skinny Confidential Him and Her Podcast.


The story doesn’t stop there after boot strapping, self producing and monetizing their own podcast, it inspired him to co-found Dear Media Podcast network where he is the CEO. 


Dear Media is the first and leading podcast network focused on female voices, audiences, and narratives. With close to 40 shows under management and growing Dear Media is changing the podcast/audio landscape and amplifying female voices. Dear Media is also changing the way talent interacts in this medium. Dear Media's business model brings opportunity not only to podcast channels but any channel that touches a talent's brand. 


My guest today is Michael Bosstick and will share his tips for people to become confident and be unbothered about other people’s judgements so that they can continue to move forward and achieve their goals. He will also provide some of the most surprising advice on what it takes to be successful and so much more!


Get ready to listen and take note of his advice and also make sure to implement what he has to say into your life. It will all be worth it!


The Skinny Confidential Podcast:


The podcast started as a side hustle. Michael was earning other businesses and Lauryn was running her brand. The podcast was a side thing they did as a hobby. And since then, it's obviously become a decently successful show.

In addition to that, it was the catalyst to kick off the Dear Media Podcast Network, and the entire network -- the team, the 50+ shows represent would not be possible and not be represented, if Michael didn't take a chance and jump into the show with Lauryn and have that sh*tty thing that ultimately looked really foolish doing in the beginning, but now has kind of proven itself out.


Michael’s Advice:



  • For the people who are afraid of judgments:



No matter what you do, you're going to look a little stupid, a little foolish, a little bit silly in the beginning, but ultimately on the other side of that is where you'll find happiness and success. 



  • For anyone who is afraid to open up and share their stories:



People can’t find success long term if they're not authentic. If you don't bear it all and you don't put it out there in an authentic way, there's no longevity, which it really like reinforces and enables you to go out there and just be yourself.



  • For people who are struggling to implement what they’ve learned from podcasts and books:



Everything starts with actually taking a step of action -- step one. 


The mistake people make is that they tend to start thinking from A to Z instead of A to B. If you actually go and do the first thing you could potentially do, and you take step one and do the main thing that you can do right now, it will absolutely lead to the rest. You will figure it out along the way you need to build momentum. 


People that actually have success in life are the people that take massive amounts of action.


Current Struggles:


Michael will be sharing about some of the struggles and discomfort he dealt and the importance of just staying in your lane, accepting the things that work for you and not worrying about what other people think.


He will also talk about the biggest challenges they are facing right now and will be sharing his tips on how to get through it every single day.


This is really interesting. Tune in to this episode and your perspective will surely be influenced in a better way!


Words of motivation from Michael:


People that have those judgments and actually care about what you're doing and judge you for failing are the real losers.


The moment you feel triggered is the moment you should stop, pause, and say, “Why?”

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