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The Adversity Advantage

Nov 8, 2021

Today’s guest is Madison Prewett. Madi is most notably known for being a finalist on Season 24 on ABC’s The Bachelor in 2020. But, what is most compelling about her is what she did before to prepare for that experience and how she has responded after. She now uses her social media platform of nearly 4 million to encourage and inspire others to stay true to themselves and become courageous regardless of the peer pressure or challenge that they are facing.  Madi takes this same message to the next level in her new book “Made For This Moment: Standing Firm With Strength, Grace and Courage.” This book provides a behind the scenes look at how she navigated personal hardships in her life along with powerful insight on how to develop unshakable confidence, break free from labels and become the most authentic version of yourself. 


Some things we discuss:

  • The moment when Madi knew that her faith was REAL (and not just something she did because of her parents)
  • How she avoided easily accessible things like drugs, alcohol etc. in college after growing up in such a disciplined home 
  • Why it’s so important to prepare for hard times & challenges (and how to do it & also how to handle unexpected moments of challenge)
  • How to become fearless and be more accepting of what life throws at you 
  • Lessons learned from being on “The Bachelor” (and how it helped her conquer biggest fears)
  • The 3 keys that help Madi remain confident during moments of adversity (and how Madi turned her pain into purpose)
  • What to do on the days you are feeling unmotivated…
  • And much more… 


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