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The Adversity Advantage with Doug Bopst

Oct 22, 2020

Losing a loved one due to suicide is really tough. You will always ask yourself why you let that happen, and you will always tell yourself that you should have done something to prevent that from happening.


If you have been following me for sometime, you know that mentors have been so meaningful in my own transformation and that has trickled down into being able to help others. Some of them have made big names for themselves and then there are a few “unsung heroes” that aren’t as reputable.


One that many of you know have come to know is my cellmate, another is today’s guest Larry Indiviglia. Larry has been a mentor and coach of mine for nearly a decade and been instrumental in my success and transformation and frankly this podcast wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for him. He and I met through our mutual friend Todd Durkin at his mentorship and have developed a transformative professional and personal relationship since.


Larry is also a retired Naval Officer, he served 26 years in the Navy and has been a fitness professional for 32 years.


You are really going to appreciate hearing about his life experience and how he used negative situations and turned them into something positive and meaningful.


His “Yoda like” wisdom coupled with his grit is remarkable and has been able touch the lives of so many. His unmatched ability to empathize and inspire others comes from his own personal journey of overcoming massive adversity.


He lost his sister to a car accident that he was the one driving the car and lost his brother to suicide. He broke his neck, survived colon cancer, and lost the love of his life dying on a deathbed next to him... But he is still able to give back, write an amazing book, and help people change the world. 


He will make everyone realize that it’s okay for someone to not think about others and focus on themselves first. Not only will it save you from all the burden that was thrown at you, but can also be the reason for you to do great things!


Larry’s backstory:

Back in 1973, Larry went to Naval Academy at the age of 17. It was great for him because he made lots of friends in different unions. He spent his four years there and worked real hard. It was his graduation week -- a very special time for all the families. He was driving his sister and aunt to the airport, but unfortunately, they didn’t make it. They had a really bad car accident where his sister died.


That was his first day as an ensign in the Navy, and there he was lying in Walter Reed Hospital. Fortunately, he only got some bruises and a little concussion but he survived.


Four days later, Larry was at a funeral and that was a really tough time for him. But he knew that he just needed to sit down there and move forward. His sister’s loss and aunt's loss gave him the inspiration to then get back on track and do something special with his life.


Larry’s Unshaken Faith:


Larry is a Christian and he believes that God has a plan that Christ has a plan for all of us. After they buried his sister, his dad said, “Larry, go and live your life. God has saved you for a reason. You don't have to prove anything. Just go out there and be you, and live your life. You don't have to do anything especially for Barbara, and Teresa. You don't have to do anything special.”

The best thing for him was to get out of that environment. If he had to stay home and wallow around if he got seriously injured, that would have been a lot tougher for him.

He didn't have time to process it super intently. He was able to put it behind him and then move forward because he had a job to do.


In four years on that ship, Larry won two medals. He didn't necessarily do it for anybody. He just did what he felt he had to do.


Larry didn't have time to wallow in it. It might sound selfish, but that really helped him and his faith.


From being in the Navy to being into fitness:


Larry always wanted to get into the fitness word. He used to follow bodybuilding when he was in high school. You have got to listen to this episode to know more about Larry’s interesting journey and how he ended up having his own fitness center in Coronado!


Larry Indiviglia and Todd Durkin


Larry truly believes that it's one of the plans sometimes God has for our lives. He brings people into our life for a reason. And he met Todd for a reason.


Their bond is really interesting yet inspiring because through the last 20+ years, Larry and Todd made a massive impact in the world together.


If you are curious about how and when they met, you will know the history in this episode, so tune in!

Larry’s pieces of advice for anyone who lost a loved one and going through tough times:


  • Accept a realization that you can't save someone
  • You will get clarity when adversity strikes.
  • If you have faith, go back to your faith and thank God for the lesson he has given you in that process, and that you're still here and able to continue your journey.


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