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The Adversity Advantage with Doug Bopst

Oct 29, 2020

In this episode, my guest and I are going to talk not only about business and entrepreneurship, but also about breaking unhealthy generational patterns and creating massive success. This will make people realize that just because you are born into unhealthy or traumatic family dynamics, it doesn't have to be that moving forward. Once you break the pattern and commit to working on yourself, great things can happen. This includes not only making  a lot of money, but changing a lot of lives along the way. 


My guest today is none other than The Jenn Kennedy an impact-driven business mentor and a coach. She is the founder of Impact to Income Academy and she helps people absolutely crush and scale their business. 

Jenn’s Back Story:


Jenn was just 5 years old when her parents got divorced. That time, she doesn’t even know what “divorce” means. All she knew was everybody is sad. Her mom was depressed, and her dad wasn’t around.


She realized as the oldest daughter of their family that it was going to very quickly be her job to just make sure that everyone's happy. She took on the role of her family to be the light and just make sure that no one is sad.


If she was mad or frustrated, it was just buried deeper and deeper because her parents were both very stubborn in their alcoholism tendencies and they told her to never ask for help, because they can do anything by themselves and they just act like everything's okay.


That message and mentality really is what caused Jenn’s eating disorder. It's what caused her to try drugs when she was in college. It's what caused her to never think that she was good enough, skinny enough, smart enough, no matter how hard she worked. 


It was the reason why she was looking for approval, and looking for her self worth in every single human in her life besides herself.


After she overcame that eating disorder, she realized how many women were struggling with the same things she was struggling with, because she didn't speak about anything. She realized that women were still struggling and were not living in their power, because they were afraid that their physical bodies weren't good enough for that. That's when Jenn started her first business, which was nutrition coaching. And that's the reason why she found the passion in helping women uncover their power and stand in their confidence as a woman in their body.

Jenn’s secret to effectively deal with all the circumstances that the world is going through right now:

Jenn always takes care of herself first. As a leader, she knows that she has to take care of herself first. And that means her energy, mind, body, soul, and everything.


The first thing that she’s doing is she’s making sure that she is still showing up, most importantly, for herself.


She is educating herself, trying to understand, and learning to lead like an imperfect person. She doesn't know what's right. She doesn't know what's wrong, but she is leading anyway. And so she’s just leading, knowing she’s going to make mistakes, knowing that she has flaws, but she’s showing up anyway, because that's what's near and dear to her heart.

In this episode, Jenn will be answering these questions:


  • How did Jenn manage to leave her teaching career to become a full-time entrepreneur


  • How well did Jenn handle all the judgements thrown to her by the people around her


  • How Jenn and her husband made their relationship work better despite all the difficulties they faced while they try to grow individually


  • What are Jenn’s main goal in building her own business

Words of wisdom from Jenn:


“The only person who should be in charge of yourself, is yourself.”


  “If I can do it, anyone can do it.”


“Every single human is born with empathy.”


“Comparing yourself to others can be really healthy.”


Tune in to this episode to know the reason behind these quotes from Jenn!

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