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The Adversity Advantage

Aug 30, 2021

Have you ever cheated on your partner? Or flirted with people that you didn’t like or using people for attention? Or perhaps you continue to bounce from relationship to relationship? Maybe you feel like you can’t be happy unless you’re getting attention or in a relationship?  


If you answered yes, you MAY classify as being a sex or love addict. But don’t worry, the conversation today will help you better understand if you really are one and what you can do about it.


Today’s guest is Brianne Davis. Brianne is an actress. She’s a podcast host. She’s an author. But, her real claim to fame is that she is a recovering sex and love addict. Her addiction to love began when she felt a euphoric rush after cheating on her 8th-grade boyfriend and quickly evolved into years of debauchery. She has been sober from sex and love for nearly 12 years and ironically her then-boyfriend and now husband was the one to help her find some local meetings to start her transformation.


We unpack it all today. Brianne shares her incredible story of overcoming love and sex addiction and the convo gets into who Brianne was in her past compared to who she is today. We discuss what it actually feels like to be a sex and love addict, what’s underneath all of it, and her response to those that think love addiction is an illusion. Brianne and I chat about the differences between sex and love addiction and how to know if you would classify as an addict, this actually might surprise you. We get into attention-seeking and social media and the role it plays in all of this as well as how she currently sets boundaries and handles her relationships of today including her marriage. Of course, we chat about how to do the work without going to meetings, if you should date during this process and how to have healthy relationships moving forward. Brianne opens up about the moment she knew her love was real and so much more!


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