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The Adversity Advantage

Apr 28, 2020

The pandemic is bringing forth lots of changes and challenges for everyone. One challenge that is not being talked about nearly enough is mental health. So, this week I sit down with psychotherapist and EMDR specialist Dr. Mcayla.  We chat about navigating the quarantine from a mental health perspective as well as handling triggers, trauma and toxicity. She shares her compelling story of how she got involved in this line of work as well as discussing a lot of the "buzz words" we hear when it comes to mental health.
Dr Mcayla provides easy and efficient tips that can be implemented during this time to make sure that we are keeping our mental health in check.  She also provides insight on how much our past dictates the way we handle situations in the present as well explaining how to "do the work" so that we can reprogram ourselves on a subconscious level and be freer from our childhood blueprints.

Dr Mcayla is a Licensed Psychotherapist, a Brain Training and MindSet Expert and Certified EMDR Specialist but also just a person who is extremely passionate about what she does and helping people to live better lives. Now, for those of you who are not familiar with EMDR, it’s not just a fancy name for some “New Age” therapy rather, an amazing cutting edge form of treatment to help people reprocess Core Beliefs and is the inspiration behind much of the work she does today.

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