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The Adversity Advantage

Nov 1, 2021

Terra Newell is a real life hero, survivor and lucky to be alive. Terra was attacked on August 20, 2016 in her apartment complex by John Meehan, her mother’s estranged husband. Terra fought him off and ended up fatally wounding him while doing so. Her story is at the center of the highly popular series and podcast, Dirty John. She joins me on the podcast today to talk in-depth about what REALLY went down with the Dirty John story. 


Some things we discuss:


  • How John Meehan presented himself initially and conned Terra’s family.
  • How did the situation begin to unravel and when did things start to take a turn for the worst
  • Terra's prior self-defense training and how she knew the attack was coming.
  • Terra narrates in detail what happened when she was attacked and what transpired afterward with her mother and law enforcement. 
  • How Terra healed from such a traumatic event and what her current relationships are like.
  • Why toxic relationships are so hard to leave and how to exit one safely.
  • And much more! 


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