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The Adversity Advantage with Doug Bopst

Dec 27, 2020

For this last week of 2020, each day we will re-release one of the most popular episodes of the past year. We will resume our regular schedule with a new episode on 1/4/2021. Have a Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!


Best of 2020 #5: Shaman Durek - Transforming Your Life Through Spiritual Hacking (Originally released 7/6/2020)


Are you ready to completely change your perceptions on reality and experience change like never before?  If so, then I’ve got two words for you Shaman Durek. 


In hands down one of the most soul stirring interviews I’ve ever had, stay tuned into the show and be a part of an uplifting biohacking experience that is certain to change your views on everything you know and believe in.


About Shaman Durek

Although he was destined to be a Shaman because of his lineage. Durek had at one point in his life completely pushed the thought of becoming a Shaman away. 

Durek then went on a walkabout and chose otherwise, thus becoming the shaman he is today. 

Descendent from the West African country of Ghana. Durek’s ancestors were the village medicine people. 

As a result of slave trade and colonialism. Durek’s ancestors ended up practicing Lukumi (The merging of African shamanism and modern Catholicism)

The merge has had its challenges since the two (African Shamanism and Catholicism) really contradict each other. 

Durek for example has always had a view of Shamanism as freedom, liberation, acknowledgment and relationship with everything around you. 

On the other hand, Durek views religion as a clause. With consequences as a result of the choices you make. 

Growing up and going to school in America was always tough for Durek. Sharing his experience of seeing, feeling and talking to spirits had other kids label him as crazy or evil. 

It’s thus been a long journey of trying to incorporate shamanism into the mainstream for him.  

The principles of Shamanism

You as a human being, already have higher consciousness within you.

The only problem is that you haven’t aligned your synapsis and neurological system in order to input the frequencies and codes in your body. 

Distractions and inflammations from the environment you are subjected in, is what’s preventing this alignment from happening. 


Shamanism is about enhancement and elevation. 

To accomplish this, you first need to closely observe your reality and remove the resistance and constrictions that are stopping you from being fully optimized. 

These constrictions are belief systems are as a result of what you’ve been taught to understand about yourself and the world you live in. They press against you and prevent your freedom. 

Constrictions include; fears, doubts, shame, guilt, worry, insecurities etc


Once you face these constrictions, you’ll be able to operate in autonomy. Your happiness and freedom will no longer be tied down to other people or activities. 

Because you are the source of everything you experience.



This is a time when magnetic energy frequencies begin to lift the sediment of things that you have hidden away from your consciousness and society. 

A blackout experience is an opportunity to figure out how to stop reacting to everything, and instead, pull deeper into love, acceptance and understanding. 


Everything we achieve in life is based on getting acknowledged, noticed, heard, seen, appreciated, valued etc. The black out experience is about learning to break out from this culture. 

Instead of hustling and operating under the fear of lacking something, and motivation to get somewhere, you should instead, see yourself as aligned and magnetically drawing everything you need towards you. 


The trajectory for success is through cooperation, communication, engagement and authenticity.


If you can apply these principles, then you will be able to come out on the other side as a success.  


Why don’t people embrace the Blackout experience then?

Because we are naturally designed to be safe. 

We are all egocentric control freaks as a result of the system we’ve been programmed to live in. 

The key to breaking free is enhancing your spiritual immunity instead of safety. 


The Law of Duality 

There’s different polarities that are present in our planet. 

These polarities are acknowledged by a certain group of people or by an individual more than in other groups or individuals. 

We have all, as result, created a very dualistic way of viewing life. Duality has become a tool to understand reality, which of course, is all wrong. 

For example, the idea of what’s right or wrong is different in every society, subjective to their belief systems and environment. 

Because of this duality, we are stuck in the past and forget that we are changing. 

The reality of consciousness isn’t anything that’s dual or solid, rather it’s something that is fluid and transformable. Because the system is ever changing and evolving.

Once you accept this reality, then you can be synergetic. You will be liberated from all the attachments, labels, ideas and conditions that have been forced on you subconsciously. 


We live in an illogical world. 

Your brain operates on frequencies and energy. 

If we lived in a logical world, then you would be given the ability to be loved unconditionally, truly express yourself as things happen in your life and maintain your biological system in a functional way. 

But because we don’t. Then you do neither of these things. 


Being logical means that you know you are free to communicate and operate in intelligence that gives you input, responding to what you want to express. 


But because we live in an illogical world, you cannot do all of the above. 

So your brain finds a way to compensate for the lack of logic in your environment. It then functions based on protecting you and helping you get what you want. 

To be free, means you are possibility driven and open to all ideas. 

A wise person is one who can see and consider the diverse options that are at his disposal.


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