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The Adversity Advantage

Feb 13, 2023

Today's guest is Ashlie Molstad. Ashlie is one of the most successful Beachbody coaches of all time, having earned the prestigious top coach award two years in a row. This achievement was no small feat, given that there are hundreds of thousands of coaches. However, even though Ashlie found tremendous success as a coach, she felt called to do something else and left the Beachbody island and pivoted to becoming a life coach and hosting the "Insource" podcast. This pivot has come with many challenges and we dive into it all today on the podcast. In this episode, we discuss Ashlie's rise to success in a competitive industry and how that same rise to success also led to addictions to things like achievement and external validation. We discuss how these addictions led to her swimming in a river of "misery" after she left beachbody and how she bounced back from all of that. We also chat about her struggles with her mental health and not liking herself, how to overcome the opinions of others, why she is reevaluating her relationship with alcohol and so much more. 



What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:00 Addiction to achievement
  • 07:00 Has Ashlie always been into personal development?
  • 09:30 What made her step away from Beachbody?
  • 14:00 Helping others pulled her out of a dark place
  • 18:35 Why did Ashlie hate herself?
  • 22:20 External validation doesn’t build confidence
  • 26:15 Reevalutating her relationship with alcohol
  • 30:00 Dealing with online criticism
  • 39:00 You don’t need a morning routine to be successful
  • 44:30 Overcoming the opinions of others
  • 49:50 Does she still make money from Beachbody?
  • 52:20 Change your thoughts not your circumstances
  • 56:30 Dealing with her “inner bully”

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