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The Adversity Advantage

Aug 25, 2021

By now I am sure you have heard of Jake and Logan Paul and how they are taking the sport of boxing to a whole new level. As you know, I have the utmost respect for anyone who puts themselves out there to achieve what they want in life and this is no different. With that said, Jake will face by far his toughest opponent yet, former UFC champion Tyron Woodley this Sunday. Tyron is a seasoned striker and much more experienced than any of the others that Jake has defeated. How does he prep for this? How does he take his training to the next level?


Insert Anthony “Pretty Boy” Taylor who is also today’s guest. Anthony is an up-and-coming fighter and has won his last five fights. He is Jake’s full time sparring and training partner and they have a special relationship. A relationship so special that Jake gave Anthony an opportunity of a lifetime to fight boxer and “Love Island” star, Tommy Fury as an undercard fight the same night that Jake fights Woodley. To make things even more interesting, Taylor has a story of his own. Anthony is a former stripper turned fighter and hit rock bottom just a few years ago after losing a boxing match. He found himself on the verge of homelessness and was experiencing thoughts of suicide. With the help of a mentor and coach, he was able to revamp his mindset, get back on his feet and win a few fights. 


Our conversation today gets into it all. Anthony shares his comeback story and how he made different choices and revamped his mindset to get to where he is today. We talk in depth about his incredible relationship with Jake Paul including how they met, what it’s like training with him, and lessons he has learned from Jake. Anthony reveals who he thinks will win this Sunday and what’s next for him whether he wins or not and so much more! 


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