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The Adversity Advantage

Oct 21, 2021

Matt Mauser is a songwriter, solo artist, pop/rock bandleader having spent more than two decades onstage and writing music. As of late, music has also become therapeutic for Matt, who lost his wife Christina in the January 2020 helicopter crash that also killed NBA great Kobe Bryant. Kobe and Matt became close when he hired Matt to create music for some projects of his. Kobe and Christina also worked together, coaching a girls' basketball team at the Mamba Sports Academy. Their loss was tragic to so many and it was unspeakably tough for Matt. 

Matt’s latest hit "Lost," was written during the aftermath of Christina's passing, the song reaches out to those who've experienced similar losses in their own lives. Millions of hearts were touched during his performance at America’s Got Talent earlier this year where he shared his devastating story while his 3 kids cheered him on. While he didn’t win the competition, he won the bigger battle by inspiring his kids to find light during times of darkness and to inspire them to chase their dreams.

Today we get into the evolution of Matt’s journey as a musician, how he met Christina and the role she played in his music career. Matt and I chat about his intimate relationship with Kobe, what he really was like and the impact that Kobe had on his family. We also get deep on Matt’s grieving process after the crash, how fatherhood has changed, what’s next for him and more!


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